Black truffle egg tagliatelle 250 gr


Dry egg pasta with black truffle. Artisanal pasta handmade by Antico Pastaio of Abbruzzo.

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Our exquisite Black Truffle Egg Tagliatelle are a true celebration of the most delicious flavors and aromas, with high quality ingredients that blend harmoniously to create an extraordinary and unforgettable dish.

The base of these tagliatelle is made up of a fine durum wheat semolina, carefully selected from the European Union and from non-EU areas, with milling origins in Corato, Bari, Italy. This superior quality semolina guarantees an impeccable texture to the tagliatelle, while offering an authentic flavor that recalls the Italian culinary traditions.

The key element of these tagliatelle is the use of fresh chicken eggs, pasteurized and belonging to category A, constituting 30% of the dough. These eggs bring a richness of taste and an extraordinary creaminess to the pasta, transforming every bite into an experience of pure pleasure.

But it is the 5% chopped summer black truffle that makes these tagliatelle truly unique. The black summer truffle gives an unmistakable aroma and flavour, giving the dish a note of elegance and refinement. The intense aroma of the black truffle spreads delicately, conquering the senses and making every taste a true culinary delight.

These Black Truffle Egg Tagliatelle represent an unparalleled culinary experience, created with love and dedication to offer you an exceptional dish. Their preparation is very simple: cook them in boiling water for just 6 minutes and you will have a dish ready to be enjoyed.

You can decide to enjoy these tagliatelle with a touch of simplicity, simply by adding melted butter and aged Parmesan or Grana Padano cheese. Or, let yourself be inspired by your culinary creativity and enrich the dish with ingredients that go perfectly with black truffles, such as fresh cream, porcini mushrooms or delicious cheeses.

Whatever your approach, Black Truffle Egg Tagliatelle is ready to amaze your palate with an explosion of authentic flavors and a touch of gastronomic luxury. Perfect for a special occasion or simply to pamper yourself with a delicious meal, these tagliatelle are a tribute to the most delicious culinary pleasures.

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina (EU and Extra EU molitoria Corato BA IT), fresh pasteurized chicken eggs CAT. A 30%, Black summer truffle tritum 5%. Product free from natural and chemical dyes and flavourings.

Expiration date: 24 months.

Conservation method: Room temperature away from heat sources and damp rooms.

How to use: Cooking time: 6 minutes. The product can be tasted simply by adding melted butter and aged Parmesan or Grana Padano.

Average nutritional values ​​per 100 g of product: Energy value: 363 kcal Total fats: 1,66 g of which 0,17 g saturated fat Carbohydrates: 72 g Proteins: 15 g Sugars: 1,8 g Salt: 0,22 g Sodium : 0,09 gr Max humidity at the origin: 12,50%

Weight : 0,250 kg

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