Summer truffle pistachio pesto 190 gr


Condiment based on pistachio pesto with summer truffle.

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Our Summer Truffle Pistachio Pesto Dressing is a culinary delicacy that combines two of the most prized and beloved ingredients of Italian cuisine: the Sicilian pistachio and the summer truffle. This extraordinary combination gives the condiment a unique and irresistible taste, perfect for enriching and enhancing your culinary preparations.

Pistachio is the undisputed protagonist of this pesto, with 48% natural and authentic pistachio and 12% Sicilian pistachio, carefully selected to guarantee the quality and intensity of the flavour. Pistachio is a real Sicilian excellence, known for its intense green color and slightly sweet and buttery taste.

The summer truffle, with its 0,4%, adds a note of luxury and refinement to the condiment. The summer truffle, also known as Tuber aestivum Vitt., is a variety of prized truffle appreciated for its delicate but unmistakable aroma. This truffle gives the pesto an earthy and slightly nutty nuance, enriching the taste of the pistachio and creating a synergy of flavors that will conquer your palate. Sunflower seed oil is used in the preparation of pesto to give it a creamy and delicate consistency, which goes perfectly with the taste of pistachio and summer truffle. Salt is present to balance the flavors and enhance the characteristics of the two main ingredients. Our summer truffle pistachio pesto is a versatile condiment suitable for many culinary preparations. You can use it to season pasta, enriching your dishes with a touch of refined originality. It is also excellent for enhancing appetizers and aperitifs, perhaps spread on croutons or combined with fine cheeses.

This condiment is ideal for those who want to enrich their dishes with fine, high-quality ingredients. Its unique combination of pistachio and summer truffle makes it a perfect choice for foodies and lovers of gourmet cuisine. Choose our summer truffle pistachio pesto dressing to transform every dish into an unforgettable culinary experience, enriching your palate with extraordinary flavors and haute gastronomy delicacies. With our hand-picked ingredients and passion for quality, we're confident this condiment will become a favorite in your kitchen. Try it and let yourself be conquered by its unique and irresistible goodness.

Ingredients: Pistachio 48%, Sicilian pistachio 12%, sunflower oil, summer truffle 0,4%, salt, flavouring.

Expiration date: 24 months.

Allergens: May contain other nuts: almonds, hazelnuts. NON EU pistachio, EU pistachio.

Nutritional values ​​per 100 g: Energy Kj 2897 / Kcal 702 Fats 67 g of which saturated fatty acids 7,9 g Carbohydrates 9,2 g of which sugars 2,7 g Protein 12,2 g Salt 0,115 g

Weight : 0,190 kg

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