Extra virgin olive oil with white truffle

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White truffle flavored condiment based on extra virgin olive oil. It is ideal as a condiment for croutons and fillings for appetizers, first and second courses, omelettes and in any case as a base for all dishes with truffles.

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This sublime condiment flavored with white truffle, with its base of extra virgin olive oil, is a true culinary delicacy. Its refined taste and the unmistakable aroma of the white truffle make it perfect for enhancing the flavor of numerous dishes, transforming each preparation into a real gourmet experience.

The extra virgin olive oil, carefully selected for its superior quality and fruity taste, forms the ideal base to welcome the enveloping scent of the white truffle. This fusion of flavors creates a unique gastronomic synergy, which makes each dish special and memorable.

This condiment is perfectly suited to enhance the taste of croutons and appetizer fillings, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to every bite. First courses reach new heights of taste thanks to its distinctive aroma, while second courses acquire a note of unparalleled elegance.

The omelettes, with their simplicity and goodness, are transformed into a culinary delicacy with the addition of this condiment, which blends delicately with the eggs, creating a harmony of flavors that will conquer the most refined palates.

But the possibilities of using this seasoning are unlimited. You can experiment with your culinary creativity, using it as a base for all truffle dishes. From gourmet pastas to creamy risottos, from fine meats to delicious cheeses, each dish will turn into a gastronomic masterpiece.

This condiment is perfect to delight your guests during a special dinner or to make an everyday lunch unique. Its versatility makes it an invaluable addition to your kitchen, bringing a touch of luxury and sophistication to any occasion.

Every drop of this condiment will take you to a world of extraordinary flavors and unique taste sensations. The impeccable combination of high quality extra virgin olive oil and the enveloping aroma of the white truffle will give you an unparalleled culinary experience.

Discover the pleasure of using this condiment in the kitchen and let yourself be conquered by its goodness and refinement. Share this unique culinary experience with your loved ones and enjoy the privilege of savoring the white truffle, a true excellence of gastronomy. The white truffle flavored dressing will transform every meal into a feast for the palate, making your table a place of refined delight.

How to use: To make the most of the product's qualities, it is recommended to use a teaspoon of oil per person. It is ideal as a condiment for croutons and fillings for appetizers, first and second courses, omelettes and in any case as a base for all dishes with truffles.

Organoleptic characteristics: Appearance: liquid Colour: varies from green to yellow Odour: characteristic of truffles Taste: fruity, ripe Consistency: liquid State: liquid

Primary packaging: Glass bottle.

Weight : N/A

55 ml, 250 ml


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