Pizza King pizza oven


Italian stone pizza oven, Pizza King brand
With heat deflector, authentic wooden pizza peels
Homemade pizza ready in just 5 minutes!
Cooking on refractory stone at a constant temperature
1200W heat deflector: uniform heat diffusion
Adjustable thermostat with light indicator
Timer: 0-30 minutes

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The Pizza King Pizza Oven is an authentic Italian jewel for pizza lovers, designed to offer excellent performance and a unique cooking experience. Branded as Pizza King, this oven comes with a host of features that make it an ideal choice for those who want to prepare delicious pizzas in the comfort of their home.

One of the distinctive features of this oven is its refractory stone construction, which guarantees uniform and crispy cooking. Equipped with a 1200W heat deflector, the oven ensures even heat distribution within, helping to create a perfectly crispy base and well-cooked topping.

The authentic wooden pizza peels that come with the oven add a touch of tradition to your cooking experience. With these peels, you can easily slide your pizza onto the baking stone with precision and ease.

Thanks to the adjustable thermostat with indicator light, you can precisely control and adjust the oven temperature based on your preferences and specific pizza cooking requirements. The built-in timer, with a range of 0-30 minutes, allows you to set the desired cooking time so you get perfectly cooked and golden pizzas.

The big surprise is that the Pizza King Pizza Oven makes it possible to have a homemade pizza in just 5 minutes! Its ability to maintain a constant temperature on the baking stone allows you to achieve amazing results in an incredibly short time.

In summary, the Pizza King Pizza Oven is the perfect companion for pizza lovers looking for an authentic and professional experience right in their kitchen. With its combination of advanced technology, high-quality materials and Italian design, this oven is ready to offer you crispy and delicious gourmet pizzas in the blink of an eye.


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