Pistachio cream with dark chocolate grains 190 gr


Pistachio cream with Sicilian Pistachio and dark grains based on 100% "Modica PGI Chocolate".

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The Pistachio Cream with Dark Chocolate Chips is a real treat that combines the richness of pistachios with the intense flavor of dark chocolate. This delicacy is the result of a harmonious combination of high quality ingredients, perfectly balanced to offer an extraordinary taste experience.

The basis of this cream is a velvety and delicate white cream. The ingredients in this creamer include sugar, a blend of vegetable oils including sunflower oil and palm and palm kernel oils, skimmed milk powder and whey powder. This base helps to give a soft and creamy texture to the cream, enveloping the palate with a balanced sweetness.

The distinctive element of this cream is the presence of precious pistachios. Natural 28% and Sicilian pistachio 7%, together they give an intense pistachio flavor that blends perfectly with the creaminess of the base. This combination creates an irresistible aroma and toasted nutty note that will delight the senses.

The 13% "Modica PGI Chocolate" based dark grains are the icing on the cake. This dark chocolate is a true culinary gem, with its historic roots and robust flavour. The dark chocolate grain blends with the pistachio, creating a contrast of textures and flavors that make each bite a unique experience.

The Pistachio Cream with Dark Chocolate Chips is ideal for those looking for a captivating mix of flavors and textures. With every spoonful, you will be captured by a perfect balance between sweetness, creaminess and an intense note of dark chocolate and pistachio. A great option to enjoy on its own or pair with special sweets, desserts and snacks.

Ingredients: White cream (sugar, vegetable oil and fat (oils (sunflower), fats (palm, palm kernel)), skimmed milk powder (10%), whey powder, emulsifier (E322 sunflower lecithin), flavor ( vanillin)), natural pistachio 28%, Sicilian pistachio 7%, dark grains based on "Modica PGI chocolate" 13%.

Expiration date: 24 months.

Nutritional values ​​per 100 g of product: Energy: 2423 kJ / 582 kcal Fats: 39,9 g of which saturated fatty acids 13,52 g Carbohydrates: 47,04 g of which sugars 44,83 g Fibers: 2,93 g Proteins : 7,26 g Salt: 0,14 g

Weight : 0,190 kg

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