CRU Caviar

Caviar cigar 70 gr

€147,00 EUR

Pressed caviar with pressed and cured sturgeon roe. Depending on the caviar, it could be roe of Siberian, white, Russian, beluga sturgeon or a mix of two or more of these types. Quantity of caviar: 60/70 gr.

Origin: Italian farmed sturgeon, salt of Italian origin.

Sturgeon roe, salt, preservative E284 and/or E285. Sturgeon species can vary: Acipenser baerii (Siberian sturgeon), Acipenser transmontanus (white sturgeon), Acipenser gueldenstaedtii (Russian sturgeon), Huso huso (beluga sturgeon) or a mix of two or more of these types.

6 months from the date of packaging, 14 days from the date of opening the package.

Keep in a cold and dry place.

The product can be eaten as it is: grated, cut into flakes or sliced.

Colour: dark grey/black. Smell: characteristic of caviar. Taste: intense. Consistency: elastic

Fish and fish products.

Wrapped in food paper and vacuum sealed in a PA/PE bag 40/60 g.

Energy 1523kJ / 365kcal
Fat 21.5 g of which saturated fatty acids 4.9 g
Carbohydrates 3.4 g of which sugars 3.03 g
Protein 39.4 g
Salt 6.34 g

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