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LuxurEat: Italian excellence in the world

A career in private banking before moving on to quality Italian food. Roberto Ugolini, after 25 years spent in Asia, returns to Rome with a precise project: to make Italian excellence available to the whole world with a catalog of innovative gourmet proposals.

Ugolini, a brand synonymous with excellence in world gastronomy…

Made in Italy is our DNA. It is what makes us proud in the world.

Roberto Ugolini

I started 14 years ago by importing Made in Italy into Asia, and when I speak of Made in Italy in the context of food and wine I am referring to an activity focused on quality, excellence, values ​​and flavours.

Unfortunately when you go abroad there are many people who speak of being Italian, but professionalism is a different thing. The Asian experience was characterized by moments of growth and great satisfaction, until the arrival of Covid, a moment which inevitably interrupted this trend and which led me to "rethink" Italy. My character has always led me to think that negative episodes serve as a stimulus to generate new ideas and, also in this case, it happened like this. So I changed my perspective and created a brand whose goal is to conceive, design and produce in Italy to sell abroad also thanks to the collaboration of my sons Giorgio and William, already involved and operating on various markets around the world . We are talking about a production based on refinement, on the rediscovery of ancient flavours, the values ​​of our food and our origins, adding that touch of creativity capable of giving further appeal to a raw material that is already of great value in itself. “Ugolini” is our new brand, an easy-to-use name, now perceived as a synonym of quality for the consumer and reliability for our partners.

Many years abroad, but with an Italian soul always in the foreground.

I fully agree with this statement. Not surprisingly, 25 years of being away from my city have not made me lose my strong Roman accent. I am very proud of the fact that I have never allowed the consumer to make me forget my origins or to change what the business concept was. I remained Italian to the core, proud of having been the first to import the “pinsa romana” into Asia, as well as of having made my customers understand the meaning of the word “truffle”, a word that until then suggested something similar to the potato. Today there are 15 companies that import truffles in Asia, but to give prestige to this product and to the company Urban, one of the Italian excellences, was the undersigned. And with great pride.

Now back in Italy, with what projects?

Today I am younger than I was 25 years ago and I intend to stay in my country making use of all the experiences gained in these 25 years of activity. All our products are now placed under a single brand called "LuxurEat”, a root that clearly declares the objective of making our excellences available to the whole world, primarily truffles and caviar, also because not everyone knows that Italy is the second largest producer of caviar in the world. A catalog made up of gourmet proposals from which our innovative spirit is evident. I can announce right now the next release of innovative products, for example caviar oil and salt, a real novelty for the gourmet world, above all, products that will be Slow Food certified and, last but not least, the next presentation of an entirely dedicated to products Kosher.

Roberto, what is Made in Italy for you?

It's our DNA. It is what makes us proud in the world. A small country that is perceived as large abroad. Often more abroad than in our country. Made in Italy, especially in the food sector, is innovation and genius, two factors that find their best expression in the continuous search to transform already excellent products into even better products.

Interview made for The unique magazine

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