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If you want to make a gourmet gift basket yourself, don't take much time to think, because making one is quite fun and also a cheap alternative to buying. But before starting to prepare a gift basket, carefully decide which gourmet products and how many to include.

You can give a gourmet gift basket on any occasion, whether it's Mother's or Father's Day or even your friends' birthday. You can pay a visit to your local gourmet produce store, where you can find a large variety of individual gourmet products wrapped up in pretty wrappers. Other themed packs are also available, such as Christmas and birthday packs.

The other method is to buy gourmet products in bulk and then create small individual basket packages, using small cloth bags or squares of plastic wrap or tissue paper filled with gourmet products. Next, you need to collect all the corners and tie them with a bow. This is another idea to cut costs and also adds a personal touch to the gift basket.

For a wider choice of gourmet products you can also buy gourmet products online, which is quite easy if you Google the term “luxureat” and search for the products on our website. After deciding what to put in the basket, you need to choose the style and size of the basket. When making several baskets, you don't have to limit yourself to the same choice for everyone. The choice of trash can be personal and you also need to consider what you will do with it after the contents have been removed.

On our website you will find several options including tasting boxes for black truffle products, tasting boxes for white truffle products, tasting boxes with caviar, tasting boxes with vegan and organic sauces and much more! Follow us for news or write to us if you want to offer a customized tasting box. With a little attention and taking into account the recipient's interests and tastes, you can easily make a gourmet gift basket extra special.

Buy our products and create your gift basket!

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